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Destroy Android Phone With Virus

How to destroy Android phone with virus 🌀

 ⚠️ These teachings are for educational Purposes. We are not responsible for your Actions.

 NB: You now need an Internet connection to continue the process ...

 1️⃣ First, you need to install the Termux app.

 2️⃣ Then enter the following commands one by one and wait until the end of their execution.

 $ apt-get update -y

 $ apt-get upgrade -y

 $ pkg install python -y

 $ pkg install python2 -y

 $ pkg install git -y

 $ pip install lolcat

 $ git clone (github tool link) 

 $ ls

 $ cd infect

 $ ls

 $ bash

 Note: Do not delete any of the files downloaded in your phone ("Infect Folder") otherwise the script will not work



  1. Where to find GitHub link sir
  2. Ok
  3. Bhai how to send virus and destroy another mobile