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Crack Any Account using Openbullet

☠️Crack any account using Openbullet

To begin with, you are going to need a ComboList.

You can get a free ComboList in the forum.

If you are new, please do not attempt to make your own ComboList. It's a waste of time.

Note: For this tutorial, we are cracking HULU accounts. We will need EMAIL:Pass ComboList.

EMAIL:PASS : Mostly used for Spotify, Netflix, Deezer, Hulu, FitBit, Uplay, Origin and many more. (Websites that require EMAIL:PASS to log in.)

USER:PASS : Mostly used for Steam, Minecraft, Origin and many more. (Websites that require USER:PASS to log in.)

If you noticed, I listed Origin in both. Because some websites you can log in using both an EMAIL and a USERNAME.

We will need to use Proxies. We will be using ProxyScrape - HTTP Proxies (For HULU it doesn't matter what type of proxies you use.)

Now the fun begins!

Click on Open Folder

In this step, we are going to add the Proxies

Select the Proxies Tab

Click "Import"

Select your Proxies Location

Select your Proxies Type (We used HTTP in this tutorial).

Wait a few seconds for the proxy list to load.

Select Bots (Threads)number How fast do you want it to check accounts.) Based on the Config, you are using your Internet / CPU I wouldn't recommend going above a 100. If you have a bad CPU, unless you are using a good RDP.)

Then hit "Start" and watch it RAIN! If you didn't get any hits within the first 10k lines it means the quality of the combolist you are using is terrible. Just try a different one then.

Note: You can stop / close at any moment that you want. The results will be saved.

Step 7. (Optional)

You are able to crack multiple type of accounts on the same time. All you have to do is click on "Back". Click on "New" again and do the same thing as the previous step.

Step 8.

Checking Hits.

Select "Hits DB" Tab

Tada! Your Hits will pop up

If your config has a capture click on "Captured Data" to make it look more organized

To save Hits in a text document, right click > Select All > Saved Selected > Combos With Data

That's it


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