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Hack Any YouTube Channel


For this method you will first have to find a target. Best to find accounts that are sub channels of other channels like for example, some youtubers have gaming channels, clip channels, podcast channels, and a main channel. This works for some main channels but try to target a sub channel. Make sure the channel also has the youtubers name public. To find this search up "[Channel name]'s real name".

This method might take some SE'ing, but it will be worth it and may sometimes be instant.

So, once you have the targeted account, make sure the account has not had a video uploaded for 4 days aka 96 hours. Now we can begin.

Go to the about me page of the youtube account and store their business email. Also store the date that the account was made. Now, if the name of the channel is public their location is most likely public as well. Search up just the general location, State is fine. Get a VPN that is the same location as the location of the YouTuber. Now you are going to want to connect your VPN to the same location and once you do that go to in an incognito tab. Click sign in and use the email address that you got off from their about me page. Use a random password and it should be invalid, now head back to the sign-in page and click forgot password. This should know ask you for your email and name and just entering both of those. Now it will ask you to verify in many different ways but you just going to want to choose verify when your email account was created and just entering the date that we found from there about me page.

Once you enter in the date it will tell you that a code has been sent to your phone or email or you can talk to their support. Now all you have to do is create a burner email that is obviously a burner and make sure it is similar to the business email or the email of the youtube account. Click contact support about this issue in the youtube sign in page and now you will use your SE skills and make a believable story about how you moved houses or something and you lost ur password, etc. (Make up ur own story). Now you should wait 4-7 business days. Youtube may ask you for some information, but usually just info that you already have. They will send you a link for you to reset your password after some back and forth.

Warning : This is for educational and knowledge purpose only.

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