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Hide any File inside a Picture

 How to hide any file inside a picture[TUT] No Binder


1 Open C: Drive and make a folder in it e.g. "hacks".

Put both the files i.e. the file that you want to hide and

the image inside which you want to hide the file into

this folder

2 Select both the files and make a compressed RAR

archive e.g. "secret.rar" out of them.

3 Open Run and type in "cmd" to open the Command

Prompt. Now type "cd.." and press enter and repeat

this once again. Type "cd sizlopedia" to open the

folder (where "hacks" is the folder that I am using in

this tutorial)

4 Type the command "copy /b maria.jpg + secret.rar

safe.jpg" and press enter

5 The new picture safe.jpg is now the nested Picture

file which has the hidden file saved inside it. Change

its extension from .jpg to .rar anytime to access or

extract the hidden file

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