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Instagram Account Auto Report Tool

 ​​​​​​🔰 Instagram Accounts Auto Report Tool. Until it gets Banned 🔰

🔷 This is a script that reports targeted Instagram accounts. Until it gets banned🔶

♻️ Hi Buddy! Today, I will tell you how to report an Instagram account using termux. If you are a termux user, you already know about bulk reporting.

I face many errors during the installation of this tool. But now I have a solution to all of these mistakes. The first mistake you may encounter is during proper review and development. ​​​​♻️ 

☣️ Features :

[1] Powerful ban tool 

[2] Uses proxy + username 

[3] Mass report on instagram account 

[4] Mass report on instagram video 

[5] Gatthering information about instagram account

⭕️ Link :-

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