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 🔰56 GB RDP Trick🔰

This tutorial covers how to get unlimited free RDPs with the aforementioned hardware specifications. No ridiculous time limit.

Fake Information…


.edu Acquisition Steps (skip if you have a .edu email)

1 Visit

2 Select "Sierra College" from the drop-down menu or "Crafton Hills College" if you want unlimited Google Drive. Click Apply. Twice.

3 Create an OpenCCC account using fake information. If the generated street address doesn't work, enter something generic (i.e. 7458 Main St).

4 When you're done registering, click Start A New Application. Use information that matches that of your OpenCCC account.

5 In a few minutes, you will receive a "Welcome to ___ College" email. Carefully read and follow its instructions to gain access to your .edu account. Note that it takes awhile before your user ID registers and you can reset your password.

6 You can use your new OpenCCC account to get as many .edu email addresses as you want, although each must be from a different college.

If you can't see the links, go to this one: https://{Filtered Link}/97NLGru

RDP Acquisition Steps (must have .edu email)

1 Visit

2 Select Activate Now.

3 Create a new Microsoft account and verify with your .edu email.

4. Click virtual machines. Create virtual machine. Fill in with information of your choice. Under size, choose NC6_Promo. If you chose West US, choose GS2 or select West US 2 for the NC6_Promo.

5. Launch the Remote Desktop Connection app and connect to your new RDP.

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