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Amazon Prime Yearly Trick

 ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸAmazon Prime Yearly Accounts Trick๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

 1. Download Firefox Focus , Express vpn and 2nd line app 

You can download express vpn from our website (search express vpn tricksgeek)

 2. Open VPN and connect to USA

 3. Open Firefox Focus and visit

 4. Select Create an account 

 5. Copy phone number from 2nd line app and Fill Name , Mobile Number , Create password.

 6. Select Continue

 7. You will get otp in your 2nd line app copy it and you are done with creating an account.


 8. Select 3 lines on top left corner.

 9. Click on Account.

 10. Scroll down and select Prime Membership option

 11. Select See more plans.

 12. Now choose last one (yearly plan $119)

 13. Fill up ur name and generate a card using Bin : 549184 and fill up the card details and click add your card.

Use any cc generator or namesogen from google ..

 14. Now add a billing address ie: Address line1- anand vihar , Address line2 - cp , City - New Delhi , State - New Delhi , Zip - 110001 , Phone number- any 10 digits , Country - select india ...... and click use this address.

 15. Select Sign up now and then continue.

Vollia ! You got a yearly prime video account 

Additional things :- 

After making account Do one thing your any email .. you can use tempmail or any proton mail for good security purposes ..

And then you will not loose your account acess ..

Don't use vpn for opening everytime .

Just login one time in primevideo account and enjoy movie and webseries ...

Important note:- this prime account is only used for prime video purpose so don't try to use any shopping or anything neither your account got locked ..

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