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Hide Virus Inside a Picture

 ๐ŸŒ€ How to hide virus in a picture ๐ŸŒ€

Greetings to all readers!

Today we will consider one of the simplest ways to disguise malware, and with the help of it, stealers, keyloggers and other nasty things are still masked.

1. Create a folder and drag our picture and virus there.

2. Go to iconvertcom and create an icon for our picture (in the format settings, choose from 16x16 to 256x256). Next, click on "Convert ICO" and download our icon.

3. Don't touch the icon yet. We return to the folder> select the image and the virus> add to the archive.

4. In the parameters of the archive, do the following. Click on "Create self-extracting archive" (general tab)> "SFX options" (additional tab)> Go to "Update" and click on "extract and update all files" and "overwrite all files without prompting".

5. Go to the "Installation" tab and prescribe which files should be opened during the launch of our executable (first a picture, then a virus)

6. Go to the "Mode" tab and click on "Unpack to a temporary folder" and "hide all"

6. Go to the "text and graphics" tab and load our icon (icon). So, we replaced the archive icon with the icon of our picture.

7. Now we have an executable (exemple.exe) with our photo icon. Pretty pale, so we'll use one trick.

We rename our file, namely we enter between the name and the point "gpj" (exemplegpj.exe). Now we hover the cursor in front of "gpj", click pkm and select

"insert Unicode control character"> Select RLO.

All my virus is disguised in a picture, and the file does not look like exemple.exe, but exemple.jpg‌‌


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